Ninja Ball Dash

4.1 ( 8141 ratings )
Spil Eventyr Arkade
Forfatter: Jamaludine Dolley

Game Features
* Explore a vibrant and colorful 2D world filled with fiendish puzzles
* Extremely responsive touch controls makes jumping less deadly
* Your ONLY objective is to get the ball to the flag
* 40 fun and addicting levels to complete and master by unlocking all of the gold trophies
* Challenging platforming, tricky box puzzles, spikes, pitfalls and enemies all add the challenge to this amazing platform adventure

Works best on iPod 5th Gen, iPhone 4s, iPad 2, iPad Mini and newer iOS devices.

Game Overview
- Ninja Ball Dash is a challenging 2D physics puzzle platforming game, inspired by retro platforming games. You play as a speedy Ninja and your ultimate goal, is to explore the magical Spirit Kingdom and locate your best friends missing ball. Ninja Ball Dash features a rewarding adventure that has 40 levels set across 2 distinct worlds to explore and enjoy! Ninja Ball Dash can be played on many iOS devices and has very easy to learn and responsive touch controls. Try out the exciting adventure that Ninja Ball Dash offers and be prepared to have lots of fun!!!

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